Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences
Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences

Modern Library

Before the invention of the printing press, much important information about people was written down on palm leaves. But they could not be preserved for long.  As a result, an attempt to create a printing press can be seen among the people. So that, people’s important information can be saved. Scientific discoveries and the Renaissance made this human endeavour successful. Scientists, philosophers, and scholars can publish their creative thoughts in book form. As a result, ancient classical literature was the greatest invention of that time. With the invention of the printing press, this classical literature reached people very easily. Libraries are needed to keep these writings of philosophers, writers and scholars in order.  A place where books are arranged in particular is called a library. So, it can be said that the library is very important for information preservation and information collection. Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Bioscience has a modern library to ensure a modern education system.  Where the subject-based books on each subject are arranged in a book shelve. There are about three hundred books on each subject and more than thousands of books on all subjects.  By studying these books students will be able to make good notes and good results. Apart from this, students can use the library of the respective departments and the central library of Rajshahi University.

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