Professor Md. Abdul Momen

Principal, Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences (SSIB) Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Principal’s Message

Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, is one of the most densely populated and agricultural countries in the world. Currently, Bangladesh has a strong track record of growth, prosperity, and development, especially during periods of high levels of global uncertainty. To make it sustainable, there is no other option except to convert this labor into educated and skilled human resources.

Good Quality education is considered as an effective tool that supports both sustainable development and national growth. It is essential to all forms of development—political, social, economic, and environmental. Education promotes development of knowledge, understanding, skills, values and practices needed creating a sustainable world, which ensures environmental protection and conservation, encourages economic sustainability and promotes social equity. Quality education access is a fundamental human right. The quality of education depends on the skilled teachers and teaching methods, educational content, teaching materials, infrastructure, use of modern technology in education and research, monitoring and feedback system, and instruction in languages students can understand. Considering the above issues, we have established an institute, namely the Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences (SSIB), Affiliated with the University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, which is located near the University of Rajshahi. With the goal of providing students with the skills they need to succeed in this competitive era, this institute was founded to ensure all of these above aspects.

The institute is dedicated to offering excellent education and research in the field of applied biological sciences, i.e., Agriculture, Microbiology, and Food science. At present, our institute (SSIB) offers the Bachelor of Science (Hon’s) degree in Agriculture, Microbiology and Food & Nutritional Science under the faculty of Agriculture, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. We hope that after graduation, our students will not only acquire academic knowledge but also acquire current research and work skills, thereby leading to better jobs or higher studies in abroad. There are not enough seats available in the most demanding subjects at reputable educational institutions, relative to the number of deserving students that pass the Higher Secondary Examination in our own country. Considering all these factors, our institution can be the best option for those who are talented for graduate studies. Our curriculum/teaching methods provides advance academic and professional skills for students who desire careers in molecular, agricultural, microbiological, drug discovery, nutritional, environmental, and genome research fields as well as those who are interested in medical and health-related fields.

All the best to everyone.