Md. Helal Uddin

Founder, Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences, Rajshahi & Associate Professor Department of History University of Rajshahi.

Message from the Founder

Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences was established in 2022 to meet the increasing demand for skilled agricultural graduates. Our goal is to position our agriculture graduates to be problem solvers, project leaders, communicators, and ethical citizens of a global community. The institute is intended to impart and improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students in Agricultural science and allied disciplines so that they can keep pace with the new and up-to-date development in Agriculture, Microbiology, and Food and Nutritional science contributing to the domain of knowledge through pursuing high-quality education, developing technology through research and disseminating those technologies to the end users for the welfare of the nation.

With the demand of time, the Agricultural Institutes widens its areas of education and research in the most modern fields of Agriculture. Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences provides an exceptionally sound and interesting variety of courses, covering different fields of agriculture and its allied disciplines at all levels of higher education.

The Institution’s objective is the improve the quality and standard of higher agricultural and biological education and to produce first-rate competent applied agriculturists to meet the need for agricultural development of the country. It also has Excellence in Agricultural Education, Research, and Extension for Sustainable Agricultural Development and Livelihood security of the farming community. Through our focus on the interaction between humans, animals, and ecosystems and the responsible use of natural resources, we contribute to sustainable societal development and good living conditions on our planet.

The future vision of the Institute is to produce more creative, motivated, and field-oriented agriculture graduates to counter the challenges of changing country’s as well as global needs and ensure food and nutrition security.