Alhajj Md. Rostom Ali

Chairman, Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences, Rajshahi

Message from the Chairman

Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences is dedicated to its vision of providing quality education and research to produce graduates capable of handling both local and global emerging challenges in agriculture.

The Institute is located more than one and a half km east of Rajshahi University and very close to University. Its serene campus with beauty and bounty of nature attracts everybody to come to the campus time and again. Its academic excellence mainly relies on its efficient academia and course-credit-based semester system of education that strictly follows the academic calendar of Rajshahi University which of course has guaranteed the timely completion of academic programs. The Institute maintains a strong linkage with various higher educational institutions, universities, and research organizations at regional and global levels to conduct globally competitive research using frontier technologies, especially in agriculture. The Institute offers a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Agriculture, Microbiology, and Food and Nutritional Science.

We produce quality graduates with sound knowledge and skills in agriculture education, research, and technology development to achieve sustainable development in the field of crop production. To ensure the quality we have an excellent teaching-learning environment integrated with relevant research and practical experiences that will make students innovative and knowledgeable in the field of agriculture to ensure food production and nutritional security at national and international levels.

Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Bioscience has made high academic achievements. The institute has highly qualified, trained, and skilled teachers who are committed to their duties and responsibilities, with high integrity. The faculty members devote and commit to the pursuit of better dispensation of education and to enhance the quality of research.

I sincerely urge everybody whether he or she stays at home or abroad to support and nourish this unique Institute so that we can lift it to the global standard and make it an internationally attractive and reputed institution in higher education, advanced research, and outreach activities in agricultural science and all the relevant fields.

I encourage the students to fully embrace and take full advantage of the rich learning environment available at Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences.