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Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture 

The overall economic development of Bangladesh is significantly impacted by the agriculture sector. Agriculture was the main source of the economy before the Industrial Revolution. Agriculture plays a critical role throughout the entire existence of an economy. Agriculture is the cornerstone of the economic structure of a given country. Agriculture is said to be one of the most promising green careers in the world. The agricultural scientists of Bangladesh are already well-known worldwide as masters of creating a green economy, even outside of their own nation . The economy of the nation is primarily driven by agriculture. As the country depends on agriculture, the importance of the agricultural economy is very important for poverty alleviation and rural development. Agricultural economics has multidimensional workings. Fields of agriculture are expanding day by day. There is a huge demand for agricultural economics graduates in this country for the development of agriculture-based economy. Realizing the importance of the agricultural economy, Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Institute of Biosciences affiliated with Rajshahi University has created opportunities for students to study agriculture.

Importance of Agriculture

Agriculture plays a significant role in the life of an economy. It forms the cornerstone of our economic structure. Agriculture sector not only provides food and raw materials but also jobs opportunities to a very large proportion of the population. The following facts unequivocally demonstrate how significant agriculture is to our nation. The process of growing crops with the aid of land, water, seeds, and other resources is known as agriculture. Because agriculture provides us with basic necessities like food to live a healthy life, we cannot imagine human life without it. Along with that, agriculture plays many significant roles in our daily lives and provides a lot of benefits.

Bangladesh is an agriculturally oriented country since approximately 80% of the people here make their living from farming, which is their main source of income.

Contribution to National Revenue

In countries that are developing like Bangladesh, where farming is the primary source of revenue, agriculture is essential to the economy of the country. In contrast, developed countries with different conditions do not solely rely on the agriculture sector for their income.  The country’s financial development is aided by this national revenue. 

Unlimited Employment Opportunities

The agricultural industry is assumed to be one of the biggest sources of employment.  Agriculture employs a large number of people, lowering the unemployment and poverty rates, whether they work as farmers, harvesters, scientists, technicians, or in any other type of employment.

Agriculture is the only sector where you can explore unlimited number of job opportunities no matter your education or skills. Only the agriculture sector offers the labor force more employment opportunities due to the rapidly expanding population, high rates of unemployment, and concealed unemployment in developing nations. In this way, the importance of agriculture becomes increasingly apparent.

Working Scope: Government office

  • Bangladesh Atomic Agriculture Research Institute
  • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council
  • Bangladesh Water Development Board
  • Power Development Board
  • Bangladesh Science and Industrial Research Council
  • Rural Development Academy
  • Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution, etc. have job opportunities.

Non-government organization

  • Private Dairy and Poultry Farms
  • BRAC
  • NGO
  • Arang Dairy
  • Qazi Farms
  • Milkvita
  • BRAC
  • Agrovet
  • National Agro Care
  • Prashika
  • Asha
  •  ACI
  •  Krishibid Group
  • Action Aid and CARE are significant.
  • Besides this, there are high job opportunities in government and private banks and insurance companies.

Research Institution

  • Various research institutes of the country such as:
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute,
  • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute,
  • Institute of Nuclear Agriculture,
  • Forest Research Institute,
  • Jute Research Institute,
  • Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation,
  • and Silk Development Board are notable for Research work.
  • Beside this, Bangladesh Agricultural Development Directorate,
  • Agricultural Information Service,
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council,
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation,
  • Seed Production Institute, etc. have research opportunities.


International Organization

Among the international organizations, the United States Foreign Affairs Development Agency, the UK Foreign Affairs Development Agency, Denmark’s Foreign Affairs Development Agency, Sweden and Canada’s SIDA, the International Rice Research Institute, the International Fertilizer Research Institute, and other organizations of the world have come forward to develop the agricultural sector of Bangladesh and are giving priority to agriculturalists.

Higher Studies

There are higher study opportunities for agriculturists in the country as well as abroad. Every year many students go for higher education abroad with scholarships in different countries of the world including Australia, the USA, the UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, India, South Korea, and China.

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